Call for Manuscripts


Special Issue on Family Economics and Resource Management

Co-Guest Editors: To be announced

In conjunction with the Family Economics and Resource Management Association (FERMA), The Forum for Family and Consumer Issues (FFCI) is issuing a Call for Manuscripts.

Manuscripts eligible for this Special Issue will come from presentations at the 2018 biennial conference of the Family Economics and Resource Management Association (FERMA).

Manuscripts can be developed from any of the presentation types included in the conference program: research presentations, program presentations, and symposia/workshops. This is consistent with The Forum’s manuscript categories: feature articles, applied research articles, program articles, and comprehensive reviews. For more information see

General information about The Forum for Family and Consumer Issues can be found at  Feel free to contact guest editors to discuss submission ideas or for answers to any questions you may have.

The style for The Forum is Chicago Style, so as you write your papers and develop your other types of presentations, you are encouraged to use Chicago Style for ease in submission as a manuscript. Style guide can be found at .

FERMA is appreciative of The Forum for making this Special Issue of a refereed publication available as a professional development opportunity for FERMA members who are conference presenters. As usual, electronic conference proceedings will continue to include short or expanded abstracts for all presenters and papers from authors not interested in pursuing the refereed e-journal publication opportunity in the Special Issue of The Forum for Family and Consumer Issues.

Tentative Manuscript Process Schedule:

  • December 1, 2017 (Friday midnight): Indicate manuscript submission on the conference proposal submission cover sheet
  • May 28, 2018 (Monday): Deadline to notify guest editors of intent to revise manuscript based on presentation feedback. Author must have submitted a manuscript to take advantage of the revision option.
  • June 11, 2018 (Monday): Deadline for revised manuscript submission based on presentation feedback.
  • June 12 – July 11, 2018:  Peer review process
  • July 15, 2018: Feedback sent to authors
  • July 16 – July 30, 2018: Authors revise as applicable
  • August 1, 2018: Final manuscript submitted to guest editor