2012 Proceedings

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WEDNESDAY PM (5:00 – 6:30) – Opening Session & Keynote Address

The Consumer Financial Services Marketplace: The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly Steve Brobeck, Executive Director, Consumer Federation of America

Moderator: Michael Rupured, University of Georgia

THURSDAY AM (8:30 – 9:45) – Concurrent Session 1

Session A

Driving Consumer Demand: Attitude, Subjective Norms and Their Impact on Local Food Purchasing (P) Sneed, Wise

Engaging Military Personal Financial Management Program (PFMP) Professionals in an eXtension Virtual Community of Practice (EP) Bird, Herndon, Pankow, O’Neill, Gutter (EP), Pat Swanson and Cynthia Needles Fletcher, Iowa State University

Moderator: Sophia Anong, University of Georgia

Session B

Smart Investing@ Your Library: A Program Partner’s Experience (EP), Barbara O’Neill, Rutgers University

Food Security, Financial Resources and Spending Habits Among College Students (P) Cliff Robb, Linda Knol, Stephanie Sickler & Alisha Gaines, University of Alabama

Moderator: Cliff Robb, University of Alabama


THURSDAY AM (10:00 – 11:15) – Concurrent Session 2

Session A

Part D Prescription Drug Coverage and Health Care Spending by Medicare Households (P), Ann C. Foster & Craig Kreisler, Bureau of Labor Statistics

Small Steps to Health and Wealth: Colorado Rural Pilot Project (EP), Nancy Porter, Colorado State University

Moderator: Jennifer Hunter, University of Kentucky

Session B

Reaching Low-Literacy Limited-Resource Audiences with an Online Financial Literacy Program (P), Karen Varcoe, Margaret Johns & Shirley S. Peterson, University of California-Riverside

Money Smarts Class (EP), Renee Dotson, University of Georgia

Moderator: Bobbie Shaffett, Mississippi State University


THURSDAY AM 11:15 – 12:15



THURSDAY PM (1:15 – 2:30) – Concurrent Session 3

Session A

Barriers to Savings Among Low- to Moderate-Income Households Who Do Not Save Regularly: Differences Among Those Who Think They Can Save and Those Who Think They Cannot Save (P), Teresa Mauldin, University of Georgia; Michael Cheang, University of Hawaii & Cathy Bowen, Pennsylvania State University

Looking Through the Viewfinder: Focus on Finances Using a Video Challenge (EP) Karen Massey & Nancy Porter, Colorado State University

Moderator: Irene Leech, Virginia Tech

Session B

A Cross-Generational Analysis of Debt Accumulation Based on Panel Data (P), Linda Bradley, California State University-Northridge; L.E. Garkovich & R.J. Werner-Wilson, University of Kentucky

Coffee and Coupons—Dollar Saving Impact (EP), Laura Connerly, University of Arkansas

Moderator: Barbara O’Neill, Rutgers University


THURSDAY PM (2:30 to 3:30) – Workshops

Session A

Understanding Microdata from the Consumer Expenditure Survey: Overview and Applied Examples Using Current Research, Geoffrey Paulin, Bureau of Labor Statistics; Karen Ransom, Bureau of Labor Statistics; Kara Markley, Bureau of Labor Statistics & Jeff Lundy, University of California-San Diego

Moderator: Teresa Mauldin, University of Georgia

Session B

Health Insurance Literacy: A Research and Education Challenge, Bonnie Braun, University of Maryland

Moderator: Laura Connerly, University of Arkansas


THURSDAY PM (3:45 to 5:00) – Concurrent Sessions 4

Session A

An Analysis of Social Security Retirement Benefit Timing Among Women (P), Martie Gillen, University of Florida & Claudia Heath, University of Kentucky

Broken Promises: Helping Employees Cope with Income Losses and Benefit Reductions (EP), Barbara O’Neill, Rutgers University

Moderator: Linda Bradley, California State University-Northridge

Session B

Housing Affordability in the Southern United States (P) Sung-jin Lee, Cihat Gunden & Terrence Thomas, North Carolina A&T State University

Building a Healthy Wealthy Future (EP) Jennifer Hunter & Nichole Huff, University of Kentucky

Moderator: Elizabeth Dolan, University of New Hampshire


FRIDAY AM (8:45 to 10:00) – Concurrent Session 5

Session A

Receipt of Financial Assistance Among Older Adults: Does Personality Matter? (P), Martie Gillen, University of Florida & Hyungsoo Kim, University of Kentucky

Georgia CA$H: Georgia Continuous Automatic Survey Helper (EP), Kisha Faulk, Michele Melton, Michael Rupured, Joan Koonce & Renee Dotson, University of Georgia

Moderator: Chris Sneed, University of Tennessee

Session B

Financial Education for Faith-based Job Training Programs (EP), Bobbie Shaffett, Charlestien Harris, Shretta Varnado, Tawnya Crockett, Susan Cosgrove & Mary Linda Moore, Mississippi State University

Anticipatory Stress, Decision-Making and Cortisol Reactivity: Mediating Effect of Initial Wealth (P), Kyle Fluegge, Ohio State University

Presider: Nancy Porter, University of Colorado


FRIDAY AM (10:30 to 12:00) – Closing Panel

EFERMA: The Path to 2012

Michael Rupured, Executive Director, EFERMA

Teresa Mauldin, President, American Council on Consumer Interests

Carolyn Bird, North Carolina State University

Jennifer Hunter, University of Kentucky

Moderator: Dena Wise, University of Tennessee


EP Educational Program Resource Exchange

P Research Paper