2014 Proceedings

The full conference submission, where available, can be viewed by clicking on the title of the presentation. Additionally, the papers in the Special Issue of The Forum are drawn from presentations at the January 2014 biennial conference of the Family Economics and Resource Management Association (FERMA).

MONDAY, January 27 (5:00 – 6:00 PM)

Opening Session & Keynote Address

Challenges and Successes of Navigating the Affordable Care Act
Sheri Worthy, University of Georgia

Presider: Dena Wise, University of Tennessee

TUESDAY, January 28 (8:30 – 9:30 AM)

Concurrent Session 1

Housing Affordability of African-Americans and Hispanics in U.S. Urban Areas (RP)
Sung-jin Lee, North Carolina A&T State University and Mira Ahn, Texas State University

Bridging the Gap Between Community and Higher Education: Experiences in Project-Based Learning (EP)
Jeanne Godin, University of Moncton

Presider: Rita Green, Mississippi State University

Concurrent Session 2

It’s Your Reality: A Financial Life Skills Simulation for College Students (EP)
Jennifer Hunter and Katie Stamper, University of Kentucky 

Your Money, Your Future (EP)
Kandi Edwards, University of Georgia

Presider: Martie Gillen, University of Florida

Tuesday, January 28 (9:45 – 10:45 AM)

Concurrent Session 1

Managing in Tough Times: Building a MONEYWI$E Program (EP)
Jennifer Hunter and Jeanne Davis, University of Kentucky 

Helping Faith-Based Organizations Assess and Respond Effectively to the Financial Need of Congregants (EP)
Dena Wise, Ann Berry, Christopher Sneed, and Jane Gault, University of Tennessee

Presider: Carolyn Bird, North Carolina State University

Concurrent Session 2

Cooperatives in Your Community: A Curriculum for Young Adults (EP)
Barbara O’Neill, Rutgers University 

Love Your Money: A Lunch-n-Learn for Preprofessionals (EP)
Jayne McBurney, North Carolina State University

Presider: Claudia Heath, University of Kentucky

Tuesday, January 28 (11:00 AM – noon)

Workshop 1

Learning by Example: Research from the Consumer Expenditure Survey for Low-Income Consumers; “Emerging” Demographics; and Foods Purchased from Vending Machines
Geoffrey Paulin, Ann Foster, William Hawk, Ryan Pfirrmann-Powell, and Rejeana Gvillo, Bureau of Labor Statistics

Presider: Cliff Robb, Kansas State University

Workshop 2

Trends in Graduate Research in Family & Consumer Sciences: 2003-2013
M.J. Kabaci, University of Georgia and Sharon DeVaney, Purdue University 

Tuesday, January 28 (1:30 – 2:30 PM)

Concurrent Session 1

Process-Oriented Guided-Inquiry Learning in Financial Literacy Education (RP)
Trent Maurer, Georgia Southern University

Providing Money Management Education to Women through Extension – Women and Money: Unique Issues (EP)
Lynda Spence, Martie Gillen, Diann Douglas, and Brenda Williams, University of Florida

Presider: Sung-Jin Lee, North Carolina A&T State University

Concurrent Session 2

Family Structure and the Benefits of Participating in the Special Supplemental Nutrition Program for Women, Infants, and Children (WIC) (RP)
Christina Robinson, Central Connecticut State University

Using the Transtheoretical Model of Change to Motivate SNAP-eligible Adults toward Application (EP)
Carolyn Bird, Jeanette Maatouk, Amy Pipas, Nancy Abasiekong, Hayley Napier, Deborah McGiffin, and Jacquelyn W. McClelland, North Carolina State University  

Presider: Brenda Williams, University of Florida

Concurrent Session 3

Does Anything Work? Marketing a Financial Education Course to College Students (EP)
Dena Wise, Barbara Metzger, and Ann Berry, University of Tennessee; Bobbie Shaffett, Mississippi State University; Jennifer Hunter, University of Kentucky; Michael Gutter, University of Florida

Tennessee Consumer Bankruptcy Study: A Model for Future Research (EP)
Ann Berry and Dena Wise, University of Tennessee; Rita Green, Mississippi State University; Carolyn Bird, North Carolina State University

Presider: Joan Koonce, University of Georgia

TUESDAY, January 28 (2:45 – 3:45 pm)

Workshop 1

Integrating Common Core with Extension Youth Education: Financial Education Simulations and Other Programs
Marci Hethmon, Dena Wise, and Ann Berry, University of Tennessee

Presider: Bobbie Shaffett, Mississippi State University

Workshop 2

How to Get Published
Sharon DeVaney, Purdue University and Sophia Anong, University of Georgia
Presider: Jackie McClelland, North Carolina State University

TUESDAY, January 28 (4:00 – 5:00 PM)

Concurrent Session 1

An Examination of the Effects of Financial Constraints on Depression Among Middle-Aged and Older Adults (RP)
Martie Gillen, University of Florida; Karen Zurlo, Rutgers University; Hyungsoo Kim, University of Kentucky

You’re Not Alone: Financial Resiliency During Economic Recovery (EP)
Ann Berry and Dena Wise, University of Tennessee; and Jennifer Hunter, University of Kentucky

Presider: Pamela Turner, University of Georgia

Concurrent Session 2

Using Financial Knowledge and Socio-Demographic Factors to Evaluate the State of Preparedness of the Individual Health Insurance Mandate (RP)
Cliff Robb, Elizabeth Kiss, and Patryk Babiarz, Kansas State University

Money Matters! Basic Personal Finance for Aspiring Entrepreneurs (EP)
Sophia Anong, Michael Rupured, and Joan Koonce, University of Georgia

Presider: Diann Douglas, University of Florida

WEDNESDAY, January 29 (8:45 – 9:45 AM)

Concurrent Session 1

Evolution to Prepaid Cards (EP)
Jeannette Bennett, Federal Reserve Bank of Saint Louis; Bobbie Shaffett, Susan Cosgrove, Teresa Lyle, and Mary Linda Moore, Mississippi State University

Competence in Consumer Credit Products: A Suggested Definition (RP)
Jacinthe Cloutier, University of Quebec

Presider: Jane Gault, University of Tennessee

Concurrent Session 2

Small Steps to Health and Wealth™ Program and Research Update (EP)
Barbara O’Neill, Rutgers University

Small Steps to Health and Wealth for Older Adults (EP)
Martie Gillen, University of Florida

Presider: Elizabeth Kiss, Kansas State University

WEDNESDAY, January 29 (10:15 AM – noon)

Capstone Session

Updates and the Path Forward. This session will include a report on the organizational survey conducted in 2012 and discussion of the future of FERMA.
Members of the Steering Committee

EP Educational Program Resource Exchange

RP Research Paper